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Ten years ago, I had an experience that was a great example of how powerful manifestation can be and also the power of absolute belief that something will happen. For some people this was hard to believe, including and especially … my sweet husband! (insert smirk from me)

The story begins:
We were in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, had just arrived, got our stuff put away and headed to the beach. It was a BIG family vacation. About 15-20 of us were out having a good time, hanging with the family, jumping in the waves and just playing in the water. My oldest niece was a little bit scared of the water and I was trying to teach her how to jump the waves and not fall down every time … because she was falling down every time. You know, there’s a science to jumping the waves at the exact right time and not being knocked down every time, right? SO, I am teaching her how to do this, pretty successfully … or so I thought …
Side-note: I had my sunglasses on. And these aren’t every day sunglasses, they’re prescription sunglasses! So of course, they are irreplaceable … and expensive. In addition to the fact that if I lose them, I can’t see well for the entire next 7 days of our vacation. Remember, we have been there for one hour of the first day.

My favorite prescription sunglasses – BEFORE!!

Story continues: So, we were jumping the waves as the tide was coming in, having a great time when a BIG wave hit us very hard. We both went down in the sand, waves crashing upon us … I couldn’t stand up and get out of the water for several reasons … first of all … I actually lost my top … it literally came off, and my bottoms were around my knees. The waves were coming in too fast, and every time I tried to get up, I’d get sucked into the sand. I had sand everywhere … and I do mean EVERYWHERE! Once I finally got out of the crash zone, got my top back on and my bottoms adjusted, and collected myself, I realized I’d lost my hat … Oh well, I thought … I can get another one. THEN, a few moments later, I realized I LOST my sunglasses.
NOOOOOO, not my sunglasses.
I quickly started to search frantically for them. I walked all around the beach looking for my glasses. I enlisted everyone that was with me to look as well. They did, for a few minutes, and then eventually they started going out and playing in the water again, doing whatever they were doing before. Everyone told me to let it go. I wasn’t going to find them. That just made me more committed. I was adamant, I will find my glasses. I continued searching for the glasses, truly knowing in my heart that they were coming back to me. I kept saying a mantra in my head, “The Sea of Cortez is my friend”. I truly believed that the Sea would bring me back my glasses. At this point, my husband came down to the beach. He was not there when it all happened, so he asked what I was doing, and I filled him in. He said, “Sunny, you’re not going to find them, they’re gone, there’s no way”. And I said, “Oh no, I’m going to find them”. Then my little brother piped in, “Sunny, they’re gone, there’s no way you’re going to find them. They’ve been gone for over a half hour”.
That was when my SWEET husband decided to explain to me why I couldn’t get them back, by teaching me the way the ocean works. In case you don’t know, the way the ocean works is this: you have a tide and the tide comes in and it goes out and when the tide goes out, it goes out into the depths of the ocean. So, if there was something that was on the top of the water then it would fall down to the bottom and it would be carried out to sea, ever so gently. Within minutes it could be 200 – 400 feet out … never to be seen on that particular beach again. I listened to him, the way you listen to something you don’t want to hear, and then said “okay, so I’m going to find these glasses. The Sea of Cortez is my friend and I know they’re going to come back to me”. My husband just kinda looked at me, shrugged his shoulders and walked away … I just kept looking … ignoring them all … or so I thought.
I had spent over 45 minutes looking for them when I realized I was feeling defensive and irritated. I looked at everybody else playing in the water and having a good time and I wanted to go get in the water too, but I felt like I needed to keep looking. I didn’t want to miss them, ya know. Now I felt like I needed to prove to everyone else that I could find my glasses. This showed me I was not trusting one of my foundational beliefs.
There is nothing lost in the Universe, only hidden to eyes that don’t see.

As my awareness of this increased, so did the little voice in my head (you know that voice right? You’ve heard it before). My little voice said, “go play in the water, follow your heart, just go play in the water.” After about 10 times, I listened. (Doesn’t take me long, right?)
I went and played in the water for about a half hour or so. We all had a great time. Splashing, laughing, trying to surf … it was GREAT! I was able, during that time, to just let it go. My heart knew that I would eventually find the glasses and once I redirected myself, I was truly able to be present and just be in JOY!
By now, the sun was setting, it was beginning to get dark and everyone headed back up to the house to start dinner. I chose to stay back and “look” again for my glasses. At this point it had been nearly two hours since I’d lost them. I was walking along the shoreline, repeating my mantra, and simply BEING a magnet to them. I was on the beach alone, when my husband came back down to “get” me. He said, “Sunny, you’re not going to find your glasses you need to give it up and let it go. Let’s go up and eat.” I said, in a stern voice, “I AM GOING TO FIND MY GLASSES. Then I will come up.” As I walked away from him, I was frustrated that everyone kept telling me I wouldn’t find them. It felt as if they didn’t believe in me … however, I knew on a deeper level, they just didn’t believe. It had nothing to do with me. Once I had the awareness that all this “head talk” was taking my attention away from what I wanted my result to be, I walked the beach with a renewed sense of KNOWING. I started affirming my mantra again … The Sea of Cortez is my friend, it’s bringing me my glasses.” I said this over and over and over, out loud, to drown out any other thoughts that might sneak in.DSCN3717
My husband followed behind me and began to repeat the story of how the ocean works. As I walked over the same stretch of beach I had searched the past two hours, I saw something in the water about 15 feet down the beach and about 10 feet into the water. Now, this is a miracle in and of itself because remember these are prescription glasses because I can’t see far distances. I was sure I saw something different, so I ran into the water as the wave went out saying “Oh my God! There they are!” My husband followed right behind me because he couldn’t believe it. He probably thought I was seeing things 🙂 By the time I got to where I thought I saw something, the water had come back in and had gone back out, and THERE, right at my feet, laying folded up as if I was being presented with a gift … were my beloved glasses. I bent down, picked them up, and looked at my husband and said, with the BIGGEST grin ever, The Sea of Cortez is my friend.” He stared in disbelief, he couldn’t believe it, and still doesn’t. Afterwards, in true Sunny fashion, I said to him, “So, tell me how the ocean works again? Then I’ll tell you how the Universe works.”
AFTER: The next day – Happy as can be with my fav sunglasses on!

When I did find them, I thanked my angels, I thanked the universe and I thanked the Sea of Cortez for being my friend. I was so grateful that I had found them because it would’ve been a pain in the ass to not have glasses, to not be able to see in the sun for the whole week. But more importantly, it taught me, actually everyone there that weekend (except my SWEET husband), the power of manifestation, of absolute belief. It is more powerful than the mechanics of the ocean … Go figure 🙂 – SDJ
PS: I love my hubby to pieces … and part 2 to this story will be coming soon:)
I hope you enjoyed that story of manifestation. Below is a process I came up with several years ago that might be helpful to you for those things you desire to manifest in your life in a BIG way. I am happy to share it with you here.

6 Steps to Manifest Anything You Want in your Life:

1. Choose one thing that you would like to manifest in your life

a. It doesn’t have to be the biggest thing, just something you want to put your attention/intention on at this time. Example: Career, partner, etc.

2. Hand write it across the top of piece of paper. For example:

a. The perfect career opportunity for me is coming to me and these are the qualities of it:
b. The perfect relationship for me is coming to me and these are the qualities of it:

3. Now list 30 – 40 qualities … How you want to feel specifically … only feelings.

a. Describe how want to FEEL in the experience. Example: I want to feel like I am appreciated; I want to feel like I am making a difference; I want to feel like I am respected; I want to be able to express my creativity, etc.

4. Make 5 copies of this list

a. Place the copies in the five following places: 1 in between the mattress of your bed, 1 in your purse/wallet, 1 in the glove box of your car, 1 in your office or where you spend the most time, 1 in your sacred space

5. At least twice a day read the entire list (more if possible)

a. Then at least once a day (everyday) go back to your list and this time feel through the list, in this moment. Example: Go to a time when you remembered feeling that way in your life. Bring the memory up, take a deep breath and breathe in the energy of that experience. Then go to the next item on your list, feeling each and every experience on your list. (It doesn’t matter if the last time you felt appreciated for example was when you were 6 … what you want to do is bring in the energy of that feeling, to be able to then attract it to yourself now.)

6. Repeat daily for 30 days minimum and watch your life shift as you attract amazing miracle and gifts into it!!!!!!!


I’d love to hear your comments. What have you believed so wholeheartedly that it had to manifest? What have you created, healed or attracted into your life that is miraculous to yourself and/or others? Please share below – SDJ
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  1. 🙂 OMGosh….wow that is such a beautiful story and and will serve as a “practice” for me. I enjoyed hearing how many times you faced negative mindfulness and what you learned as each comment came at you. Great lesson for us. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  2. Great story, Sunny, thanks for sharing! I stopped believing in “coincidences” many years ago. Ask, Believe, and you shall Receive. And always give thanks and appreciate these miracles.
    Linda N., that’s fantastic! I also turn to my angels and spirit guide; they never fail me.

  3. Sometimes we have to lose something precious in order to gain something priceless. I don’t know how many times I have lost my car keys only to end up finding a pile of change under the seat cushions (and some Cheetos too).

  4. I worked with Amy Richmond doing a variation of this to manifest my current job. With being in C-PTSD treatment, I really needed a job that would work around it, allow me to still succeed at it, and would be in the environment perfect for me. I ended up making $2 more an hour, part time, in a supportive environment, and my preceptors husband has PTSD ?????.

  5. What a fantastic story! Thanks, Sunny, for sharing…and teaching us at the same time that trusting the process is a big part of Manifestation.
    I have learned through the years, what I once considered coincidences, are life’s beautiful synchronicities. I’ve learned to trust and put it out there, believe it’s received, let it go and, above all, to acknowledge and be grateful for what’s given back to me.

  6. What a wonderful story to share with us, Sunny. I will be following these steps, and look forward to the miracle manifestations that will take place.
    When I have lost something precious I have prayed and asked for my Angels to help me, and then find what I had lost or misplaced. Many years ago I had taken off a ring when washing dishes. My roommate’s cat had taken it away to play with it, and it got shoved under the large heavy carpet in the living room. Not knowing where it had gone, and knew it was not in the drain, friend of ours contacted a psychic friend, who then said to go stand in the living room, and walk to the edge of the carpet, and drop to my knees. I said a prayer to my guardian angel, and felt something under the carpet. My ring! My roommate and I started dancing and laughing and we were so joyful. Thanks, Sunny. I will practice what you have shared, and will let you know when I have experienced the joyful moments of manifestation.

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