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A beautiful reminder!

Everyday, I am blessed to be reminded by clients, students, friends, colleagues, family and even strangers of why I do the work I do.
Some people think I am crazy…
I work a LOT of hours..
I travel all over the country on my dime…
I volunteer my time… A lot…
I spend hours on projects that help others because I LOVE it
I even sleep in airports, and fly to cities out of the way, to get to a tv show that is not a paid appearance…
Last week, the latter one happened.
I was supposed to fly home from the east coast and be home early evening. Instead, our flights were cancelled, we missed connections, andĀ  spent over 28 hours in airports andĀ  ended up in San Diego. Six hours from home..
But, it was a divine plan.. even though it might not have looked that way. A couple of people asked me, are you sure you want to do all that traveling, maybe you should just go home. You can reschedule the show for later. I knew that was an option, but not for me. I had made a commitment, and I felt it was very important to be there. Why? I didn’t know that answer.. I JUST KNEW I needed to be there. It was that strong.
So, my husband and I crashed in the Philly airport for 9 hours waiting for a plane, thenĀ  slept 4 hours in the Orlando airport, then got bumped again to another flight and had to wait another 6 hours until we could finally go home..
NO, not home…
to San Diego where the tv show was being filmed.
Now, at this point people were asking again, why don’t you just come home and skip it.. but something in me knew I just needed to go. Has this ever happened to you? It seems crazy…
but your heart,
and your spirit,
are so much louder than your logical mind.. and gratefully so?
So, we went to San Diego, spent a day there catching up on work emails etc and then Friday morning, we filmed the show. Here’s a link to the show, if you’d like to watch:
A couple hours after the show, while we were now driving the 6 hours home, I received this message:

Good blessed morning, Sunny. Spirit told me to watch TV today, I never turn on the news in the morning, it complicates my day. I sat and started folding clothes, only to find your beautiful soul on TV. I’m obviously meant to contact you. I’ve been told I need to do readings. I’ve been an ER nurse for years, and never fully trusted or understood my gift, and I’ve been taken advantage of by demons and dark entities. But, I have my ancestors and Angels, including Archangels, who have been there to protect and comfort me.
I need mentorship. I’m a healer and I’m a messenger, but I’m frightened by the evil I’ve come in contact with. I need help. This is the path God has planned. Can you help me? Can you see me? Has spirit already told you about me? Thank you for your time

So, this is just another of the thousands of reminders of why I do what I do. To be able to help one person, is all that matters. Who knows how many people that interview touched… I don’t.. and I don;t actually care. What I do know is it touched this one person… and reminded me again, of just how amazingly blessed I am to live the life I live and do the work I do. Little reminders from spirit … I LOVE IT!
Anything like this ever happened to you? I’d love to hear your experience of validation that you made the right choice, even when it seemed crazy. Share with me in the comments below:) – SDJ

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