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1/11/11 An important day in my life

The last time I saw Grandma – snuggled up in bed with her.

My brother and I had planned a trip to Utah on January 26th to see my Grandma for her 95th birthday. She had been ill and I was looking forward to spending some time with her as well as my family. As I was preparing for the trip, however, I had a sense, an intuitive nudge, that she might be getting ready to leave her body and was just waiting for our visit. I knew she really wanted to see us both and my Spirit said she was willing to wait a bit longer just for us. Thoughts of my Grandfather and their marriage of nearly 60 years came to mind. He left his physical body 19 years ago, and since that day, Grandma has patiently waited for him to come and receive her, as she would say. The past five years have been difficult for Grandma as she missed him terribly and she would continually pray to be home with him once again. So, when that intuitive nudge came, I felt the need to tell her Spirit, “You do not need to wait any longer. You have waited long enough!!” I assured her Spirit that I would be okay and it was okay if she went before I got there. I told her that if THE day came and she saw the white light and Grandpa was standing there to greet her, to go with him and to be FREE of her physical body. That day came on Tuesday, January 11, 2011.
Over the next couple of days after her passing, I waited for her to come and visit me. As a psychic medium, I experience the spirit world on a daily basis yet I found myself feeling impatient as I hadn’t had a visit from my Grandma yet. I was hoping for a sign, a message, or a chance to sit down and chat with her now that she was of the spirit world. Although I missed her physical presence, I was very much at peace and eager to talk with her about her new adventures. I couldn’t wait to find out how her trip was. So I waited and waited and waited. I finally acknowledge to myself, that when she was ready to communicate with me, she would.
So, I went back to my normal routine and my work. On Saturday, January 15, 2011, I felt strongly guided to go shopping. Now this suggestion in and of itself is not odd. But many of you who know me, know that I DON’T like to shop. I was getting ready to watch the football playoff game and had no intention of missing it. However, the urge persisted. It was so strong, I had to listen. So I got dressed, got in the car and started driving. I was unsure of my destination, however, I heard a voice in my head say “You are going to see someone you know today.” It is not uncommon for me to often cross paths with people I know when I go out. So, I noted that and decided to take back some Christmas returns that I had in the back seat of the car. Perhaps Spirit was guiding me to clear my space! As I continued driving, I felt a pull in a different direction. I was being guided to a store that I had only been to once. I listened and went to the store. As I was parking though, I certainly did wonder why I was at this store since I had no need to go here .
gardenAs I entered the store, immediately to my left was a sign that read:
Grandma loved Gardening!
My Grandma LOVED flowers and had them planted everywhere in her yard. It was one of her favorite hobbies and she continued to plant and landscape her yard until she was in her late 80’s. Seeing this filled my heart, but I would not be truthful if I did not share some sadness I felt about the description in her obituary. I had hoped that they would put something in there about her love of flowers and gardening. She must have been aware of my sadness as she sent this sign to me to assure me that she knew.
As I continued to walk around the store, I looked at the other items. I suddenly felt as if someone was grabbing my shoulders and guiding me to turn around. granddaughterAs I turned around, I saw this sign: I still believe in miracles. I smile everyday because of you. Granddaughter the world is full of wonders. I feel in love all over again. Because of you, my life is fulfilled.
Grandma had oodles and oodles of grandkids and great grand children. However, I had a very special relationship with her and she wanted me to know how very special it was. As tears dropped from my eyes, I thought … I better write down what this sign says. I was in awe. Then my humor came right back and said…duh…why don’t you just take a picture of it with your cell phone. So I did.
So many emotions were flowing through me as I continued to walk around the store. Peace, happiness, sadness, love, joy. I was allowing them to be, and as I did this, I looked for a space to quietly sit. As I spotted one and started walking towards it, I saw my third and final sign from Grandma:milk and cookies
It reads: Grandma and Grandpa’s
Milk, Cookies and Stories – anytime.
Hugs, Kisses and Love – all the time.
This was perfect validation for me that my grandparents were back together once again. I knew Grandpa would come and receive her and my heart was filled with love as she had waited over 19 years to be back in his arms. I flashed back to a conversation I had earlier with my husband and I was telling him, “it might take her a few days to come and visit me because I bet she is getting frisky with Grandpa.” I smiled.
I am overflowing with gratitude for my Grandma’s willingness to share with me “the signs.” I am looking forward to our new working relationship and the perspective she can offer me from the Spirit world. Who knows what we both may come up with. It will be fun!!
I hope this experience of mine helps validate for you that the Spirit world and our deceased loved ones are able and excited to continue being a part of our lives. You just have to be present and open to how they guide the communications. Even when things don’t always make sense, I encourage you to be open. It really is just that simple … be open.
I love you Grandma. – Sunny
I’d love to hear your comments. Please share below – SDJ

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17 thoughts on “1/11/11 An important day in my life”

  1. Beautiful Story Sunny! Thank you so much for sharing! My brother- in -law passed just over a year ago and this week would have been his birthday. I will ask him for some messages 🙂

  2. Charmaine Gagnon

    Oh, Sunny!
    This is so beautiful!
    January 11th was my Birthday, and the day after, I found out that one of my cousins passed away on my Birthday. Then two days later, I found out that an old friend had passed away on my Birthday.
    And for me, they always come in threes, so I knew there would be one more.
    And then today, I read your e-mail, and story of your Grandma, passing away on my BIrthday.
    Thank you for sharing this. I love that you listen to Spirit. It was the only way your Grandma could reach you…but she had to do it her way….Feisty, independent and beautiful!!!
    I send you Angel HUgs, as you go through the emotions that come with loving memories…
    Love always,

  3. Such a sweet and lovely message!
    Thank you for sharing and reminding me to “be open” to the guidance offered each and every day!

  4. Thanks for re-sharing this Sunny. It is so sweet and touching. It is also validating when our ‘people’ connect with us from the other side. I also feel, hear, smell and know things sometimes and it’s comforting and cool to be in the presence of other intuitive old souls. Blessings All Ways, Susan Faith

  5. Wow, this morning I was thinking a lot about my own Grandma whom I miss. Her birthday is in 2 days and I was thinking of her this morning I found a penny on my bed of all places, so i felt she was validating she was around. Then I read this blog
    for today and believe this is her own sign to me:) Thank you for sharing grandparents are so special.

  6. thank you for sharing your story of your grandmother…it gives me hope that each day, if I am open and listen and watch, there will be a sign for me from my son…and just last week I had one. His favorite song was playing on the tv very quietly, and if I would’ve been too busy I would’ve missed it.

  7. Thank you Sunny for bringing up the memory of my grandmother and giving me an opportunity to share this. I was in my early 20’s when she transitioned and I wasn’t able to go to the funeral. About 3 days after her passing, she visited me during the night, I was standing in a doorway and watched her walk towards me down a long hallway. She appeared young and dressed in a beautiful pink suit and hat, a smile on her face. She let me know that she was well and at peace. When I woke my grief and pain had been completely lifted.

  8. I had a similar experience. On a vacation shortly after my mother passed. In. The hotel room I found a dime. I told my grand children that finding a coin means a departed love one is near. We were happy to know that mom was with us. When we left I forgot to take the dime. Three weeks later my husband and I took a short trip by boat. I had just relayed the story about the dime to him. We were looking for a seat. I walked toward one but my husband insisted we sit in the next seat. He was concerned that the window was open and we would not be comfortable. As I sat down my eye looked down at the floor and right by my husbands foot lay a dime. I said to him you are not going to believe this. Look down by your shoe. He saw the dime. He chose the seat and we found the dime. Also I would like to mention that my mom died on the tenth of July. I do believe they leave us signs.

  9. You know I had to come back and another comment to your blot losing a family member that you love is the hardest thing to overcome its not the reason that you lost her but the reason you will not see her anymore same thing I’m going threw losing my mother!!!. God bless sunny

  10. I remember this story you shared with me and others, Sunny. Thank you for the way you light our paths to see the way we truly are spirits forever. Keeping our minds and hearts open allows more light to shine out and then shine back in to us. I miss my Grandmother, too, and say a prayer that includes her every night. Sure would be interesting if yours and mine were to have a shared moment together. Think they would enjoy each other’s company. Especially when mine were to share with her the nickname she gave to me when I was a newborn baby. Grandma loved her gardens, full of vegetables and flower beds, too. And, had a special cookie jar filled with her homemade cookies for when we would visit, to have with a glass of milk. Thanks for the memories. Know it was an emotional day, and I understand. Big hug to you.

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