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4 Steps to Connecting with Archangel Michael

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Sunny Dawn Johnston Intuition & Lifestyle Expert Business Psychic

In anticipation of Angel Day on October 5, I will be sharing about the different Archangels, their key attributes and some of my personal experiences with them! My hope is that you would grow in your own personal relationship with your angels, and lean on them for break-throughs in self-love, healing and peace of mind!

First up is Archangel Michael!

He’s the Archangel of protection, guidance and strength!

Have you been in situations where your spirit feels off?
Like there’s negative energy weighing on you and clouding your clarity?
This is precisely when you press into Archangel Michael, for protection from negative energy from entities seen or unseen.
He’s your go-to for courage, strength and faith when you need them most! When you press into him, ask that you be a conduit of divine love and healing to everyone you cross paths with, and that you live clearly, with an open heart and an open mind!
Always remember the 4-step process to connecting with your angels:

  1. ASK – Begin by asking for assistance
  2. ALLOW – Release the need to control the situation and be open to receive
  3. BELIEVE – Trust that the Angels will guide you in perfect divine time
  4. RECEIVE – Listen to your intuitive guidance and give thanks

More about Archangel Michael on my Instagram feed! ❤️❤️ – SDJ

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