27.Special Guest Interview with Virenia (aka Nia Peeples)

Nia PeeplesWhat others have said: an American actress, singer, dancer – most known for her roles in the hit TV series Fame, Walker Texas Ranger and Pretty Little Liars as well as her jaunt through the music industry with her number 1 record, Trouble.

Now what I would say:  the only significance in any of it is that the highlights of my career can most specifically be accredited to a degree of listening to one’s own calling, lining up with that and allowing for its natural expansion. Recently, I knew it was time to revisit that calling. I now know my deepest desire is simply to flow LOVE by living it out loud, experiencing the power and joy of standing in integrity and alignment with it, and empowering others to do the same.

Nia has completed her first book, The Little Apple Tree and has launched an inspirational online community at HumanHarmonics.LIFE which invites and supports people into alignment with their true nature.

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