26.Special Guest Interview with Cindy Kaufman

Death Educator, International Best-Selling Author, Certified End of Life Doula and Home Funeral Guide

Cindy Kaufman, MEd, EdS, brings her background in counselor education, as well as her more than 25 years as a hospice volunteer, to her work as a Certified End of Life Doula, death educator, home funeral guide and international best-selling author. Based in Denver, Colorado, Cindy is the owner of HeartSpeak End of Life Companioning LLC. She serves her clients as a compassionate companion on life’s final journey for those who are dying and for their loved ones. She is also the President and Co-Founder of the Colorado End-of-Life Collaborative, a non-profit organization bringing visibility and education to the community about the services provided by End of Life Doulas.

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Podcast Episode Summary

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