22 random facts about me ❤️❤️

I was thinking it might be fun to share some random things about me.. I talk a lot, and share a lot.. So you may already know many of these… Maybe I don’t really have anything random to share.. I guess we’ll see:)  Enjoy – SDJ

  1. I drink chai tea every morning… Literally every morning. It’s my favorite tea. In a pinch, I can do English breakfast. Both English style. I use to also drink iced tea, but two years ago, I woke up one morning and my body said no more iced tea.. I haven’t had any since.
  2. I have an eye “thing”. I can’t have people touching my eye.. Eye doctors, makeup artists, it makes me freaky. I always wanted to wear contacts but I can’t even put the in my own eyes.
    Singing with my spirit;) I have lots of little orb
    Singing with my spirit;) I have lots of little orbs
  3. I love to sing. That’s not real random…. Most people know that but I’m kinda crazy about it.. Like I’m always singing or will burst out in song wherever I am. I know the lyrics to an unusual amount of sounds so I can pull from many genres too. It’s a gift… that not everyone around me enjoys hearing 🙂 🙂  AND I LOVE that even more 🙂
  4. I lost one whole shoe size after having my two kids. As usual, things work the opposite for me in my life. Many women’s feet grow after children, mine shrunk.
  5. I’m not physically flexible. People think because I “look” trim and healthy that I’m a yoga lover, and I do love it.. But I am not flexible in my body. I even worked with a trainer for 9 months on specifically flexibility… I still can barely reach my knees. Seriously!!
  6. I love the sun. Another maybe not so random thing…but with a name like Sunny Dawn (yes, my given name) how could I not… I literally feel disconnected or down if I don’t see the sun for days on end.
  7. I have what many would call unusually good luck.. I don’t believe in luck. I say, I expect great things to happen… and they do.
  8. I have over 100 moles on my body… My cousin And I counted them once when I was 13.. Maybe I have even more as I have gotten older, I know i have some age spots to add but I haven’t had the interest in counting. When I was a child I hated them, I thought they were ugly. Now I appreciate them as unique aspects of me😃
  9. I lived in the Philippines for 4 years when I was young.  It still has an impact in me to this day. I believe it is why I love foreign travel and have a hearts desire to help those in need.
  10. The unconditional love of my husband helped me to heal parts of me I didn’t even know needed healing. He is my greatest cheerleader and sometimes critic… and my personality needs both.
  11. Someday soon, I plan to go to the beach. It’s one of my favorite places to be.
    The Keys 2014 054
    LOVE the beach
  12.  I am blessed to have a Hubby that cooks most of our meals. We joke about that fact that I cooked for the first fifteen years of our marriage, he gets to cook for the second fifteen years. Since we are at year number twenty three… we have a little bit of time but will need to find someone to take on the next fifteen years… And longer hopefully😬😬
  13. I use to love to go shopping. Now, I can’t stand it.. It feels to me like a waste of precious time now.. I simply don’t enjoy it. The good thing is, it wasn’t really healthy for me… A way to feel good when I wasn’t. It wasn’t quite an addiction, but certainly a distraction from life.
  14. I had written this entire blog in Sedona, on my iPad, and I saved it three times… after doing all 22. This is where it saved… number 14. It cut off 11 of my facts… Here’s a fact for ya…  sometimes technology pisses me off.. Especially when this happened… TWICE!!!!!!! I redid them twice, and it deleted them TWICE!! AT least I’m consistent i guess???
  15. I’m home from Sedona now, and rewriting my random thoughts that don’t feel so random now, and I got pissed all over again…. I suppose I could be grateful that it didn’t delete them all… but, right now, in this moment.. I’m NOT! 🙂 🙂 🙂
  16. 020
    Typical yummy salad

    I’ve been a vegetarian for over 20 years, and I LOVE, love, love Salads 🙂
  17. I was asked recently on a panel I participated in… what secret or dream I had that I hadn’t shared with anyone. It was hard to find something that no one knew.. So instead i shared something that not many know. My guidance has been very strong to begin sharing and talking about the things that no one wants to talk about, to help free our hearts and minds of shame and guilt associated with outdated, unloving and judgmental perceptions. In the coming weeks, months and years I intend to be an even greater voice that helps people to heal. If you missed my blog last week, this is an example of talking about the real stuff.
  18. The soundtrack of my life is Carole King. Growing up, she was playing on the stereo system almost every day of my life…. like literally everyday. I didn’t really like her when i was young, but in my teens i started reading her lyrics and realized how profound they were and she was. She was way ahead of her time and I LOVE the message in her music. My mom is her greatest fan.
  19. I LOVE to do random crazy things… like go up to someone at a restaurant and ask them if I can taste their food, to see if I like it, before I order it on the menu. Yes, I am completely sober when I do this:)  Its always fun. I LOVE the reactions I get… most of the time anyway. My friends and family are usually very embarrassed, but even though people are shocked at first, they are usually open and willing to share:) Try it out 🙂
  20. I don’t sleep a lot… five to six hours average. It’s probably not as much as my body would like… and I am not much for napping… However, when I am tired, I will fall asleep, mid-sentence… wherever I am. Sitting up or laying down, when I am out.. I am out.
    Digital Camera
    Hubby has a mullet. He says it’s not!
  21. When I was 23, I was the top supervisor in the now out-of-business company, House of Lloyd/Christmas Around the World. Do you remember it? It was a party plan company. I had hired more than double what anyone else had ever hired and they asked  me to speak and share my secrets at our black tie dinner event on our all expenses paid Caribbean cruise… in front of 1500 of my colleagues. I was so nervous that I threw up for 2 days before, had to stay in the cabin in the dark… and when it finally came time, they called my name to come on stage… and I was in the bathroom, throwing up! I HATED public speaking. If I can get over it, you can too:) BTW, I got up on that stage, freshly puked out.. and shared all my secrets.. the next year… everyone’s business grew, and mine did not, because I gave it all away. Many people told me not too, but..it felt like the right thing to do:)
  22. My favorite number is 11 or anything divisible by it.. thus, there are 22 random facts about me. I hope you enjoyed them.. I would love to hear your thoughts, comments or a random fact about you:)


22 thoughts on “22 random facts about me ❤️❤️”

  1. NJoyed reading that 🙂 :). I dislike shopping too, well, about 95% of the time. Then there’s that crazy 5% when there are no lines and I actually have fun picking things out…. Sunny, Carol King’s song, You’ve Got a Friend is the first song quoted in my book. So meaningful to me. Hugs n blessings ♡♡, Mandy

  2. thanks for sharing – your openness is what makes you so approachable. Can be disconcerting for me, a die-hard introvert. Love receiving the daily affirmations. I’m a wanderer (NJ, NY, CO) but Valley of the Sun feels like home. My wandering makes me the family outcast, though. I don’t let that bother me, just an observation about my impact on others. Thanks for letting me be part of your process.

  3. I am so impressed with several of your remarks. They are so similar to me. Chai tea is my favorite. I have 100s of beauty marks, I love, love, love to sing. If I don’t know the words. I rewrite the song…. this was fun to get to know you a little more. Have a great night

  4. That was good to read Sunny, thank-you for sharing. Some of your facts are similar to mine. I love the beach/water I just love the feeling I get when it rolls over my feet. My feet have got larger as I have got older. Love music and songs by Carol King. One of the things that held me back in life is not talking too groups about what I do.I have openly given away good ideas for free. I prefer tea to coffee. Having buttered toast with my tea. I like to have naps in the day if I need them as I get woken up during the night about passing on dreams. I have discovered I like having cats as well as owning dogs in the past. I love all flowers especially roses. I have a nervous laugh, I do tend to see the funny side of things although being a caring person. I was a Registered Nurse and when another Nurse slip on something and did the split’s I could not stop laughing and got sent to the bathroom by the ward Sister until I could compose myself. It took half n hour. I actually have remembered to ask the Angels to help me now. Bless you Sunny, x

  5. Love your openness. A couple of things you would not know about me is i am almost 66 and in the past I had 220 skydive jumps, won a log rolling contest, and was a lifeguard. Now I love training for triathlons, have a spirit guide named Mr. LIghtBall, and am in a group called the Joy Sisters ( where we get together monthly and only laugh and be happy.). I live in Ely, MN. I am a bit of a goofball, just like Sunny.

  6. I identify with every single thing you wrote. I changed from coffee to organic jasmine tea, and don’t like iced tea at all. I tried contacts but that did not work, and very careful with my eyes, too. I sing all the time, by myself or when music is on somewhere which also sometimes irritates family, grin. My feet have also gotten smaller over the years. I am flexible but when knees lock up I rub peanut oil on them and all is great again. Growing up in a state with the average of only 65 days of sunshine, loved moving to Arizona where the sun brightens my spirits. I ask and receive, and give thanks. I have an unusual mole close to my heart area, and was told that in a past life I was probably shot there. Love traveling and have been blessed to see several countries I always dreamed of seeing. Beach time is always my favorite experience. Have loved cooking since in elementary school, using old cookbooks and handwritten recipes from relatives and friends. Used to love shopping, but it was an excuse to be happy. Technology frustrates me at times. Salads have become a daily favorite since discovering a new organic dressing that is so tasty. Annie’s Goddess Dressing. Sharing secrets done with very close friends and family, and yet, some things still not shared yet, except with my angel friends. I talk to strangers wherever I go. Sleep at odd times and odd places, too. Shared too much info at a job who then took the customers from me, and lost the job. Favorite numbers for special reasons, and even more so after studying numerology. Thanks for letting me see myself in a new light today, Sunny! You are fun! And, are you sure you weren’t asked to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated? Time to go put on my peace symbol necklace I got when visiting Berkley. The Peace Movement had a huge influence on me and my college friends. As did Carol King. Still love all those great songs from that time frame. Time to go sing and dance and smile! Then, make a salad!

  7. One of the main reasons why I love you so much is that you are so REAL! You tell the good, the bad and the ugly times of your life. Your openness is an attribute to your spiritual gifts. Thank you for sharing your beautiful self with us! The #11 is a great sign for me…almost magical!

    1. Ah. That’s sweet. Thanks KAthy. I’m grateful that it resonates with you ❤️❤️❤️ love the magic ❤️❤️

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