22 Questions and Answers About the Afterlife!

Q&A about the Afterlife

Over the years I have been asked thousands of questions about the Afterlife: What happens when you die? How does it happen? What do our loved ones have to say? So, after awhile I started writing them down. Then, once I finished writing my book, The Love Never Ends, I put a little book together called Answers-About-the-Afterlife. These are some of the top questions and answers from that book. I hope they bring you some insight … and maybe even answer some of your own questions. ~ SDJ♥

  1. Do you feel pain during transition? You feel no pain at the point of transition. It is a complete and absolute release of resistance. That doesn’t mean that people don’t feel pain during the death process, but at the point of transition, no.
  2. In deaths that are premature (accident, murder, etc. of someone still young) is there a moment of conscious choice to let go vs. fight to stay? I don’t know if I would say a conscious choice, but I would say that there is a moment where the Spirit recognizes that it is either time to turn back or to continue forward on the journey home.
  3. The thing that scares me about the dying process is NOT BREATHING! Are people suffocating? The last breaths are so labored and appear horrible. Is the person in pain? Panic? Where are they when the breathing becomes so hard? Yes, sometimes they are suffocating. The reality is that the way we leave this physical existence can be traumatizing and painful to the physical shell. The feedback I get from the Spirit world is that during these times, they go in and out of the body. So, when you are with someone and they seem to not be there, it’s because oftentimes they aren’t. When the breathing becomes so labored it is often referred to as the death rattle. The death rattle can be very difficult for both the person passing as well as the loved ones watching. During the death rattle, one suggestion that might help to calm everyone down is to hold that person’s hand, and get into sync with their breath – becoming one breath. I was taught this technique in hospice training with Dannion Brinkley and it has been a fabulous tool.
  4. When I die, is there heartache? Will I feel sadness or loss for those I am not able to physically be with on Earth? It depends. If you desire to stay more connected to your loved ones then you can tune into their frequency, and feel their sadness. This is often the case when you first transition and are still in what I refer to as a healing space. Once you have transcended that area, then it is likely that you would not feel their sadness or pain, but rather just feel love, regardless of what you are observing in them.
  5. What is on the other side of this life? Where do we go? Eternity!!! I get different answers from different Spirits; therefore I have come to believe that we go to where we believe we will go and we create whatever it is we want to create. The stories vary greatly.
  6. Who will be there to help me cross over? Those that you have loved that have already crossed over will be there, waiting for you. This can be family members, friends, colleagues, and even your beloved animals. Anyone that you loved, can be there. In addition, you will become aware of your Guardian Angel and your Spirit Guides if you weren’t already.
  7. When one transitions alone, do they hear and know you got there too late? Do they still feel your love? They absolutely feel your love … and your guilt. It is best if you can try to focus on your love. If you got there too late, then that was part of the Divine plan, which they now know. So, yes, they know you tried to get there; and oftentimes, honestly, they don’t want anyone there. They want to be alone. The way it is often revealed to me, and as I share in Jimmy’s story in my book, is that it will be the way they want it. So if you are there, or not, it is in perfect Divine order.
  8. What happens during the burial process? The Spirit leaves the body at the time of death. They are not attached to the body at that point. Therefore, the burial process is a sacred experience for those of us living. The deceased loved one will be at the burial, but they have no connection to the body at that point. It is a shell, being put into the earth, not unlike a snake that sheds it’s skin. It is of no purpose to them any longer.
  9. Do our loved ones attend their own funeral? Absolutely, your loved ones are with you throughout the process- whether it is a burial, a cremation, a ceremony or a celebration. They will be there, offering that Love that connected you with them originally.
  10. Should I fear death and the afterlife? No, this life is much scarier than the afterlife. Death can be as simple as just taking a breath. I think what causes some of the fear is the unknown. We as humans have fear in the things we don’t see or know or understand. Know that you are eternal, and death is as natural as birth. When someone dies here, it is birth and celebration there. And when someone dies there, it is birth and celebration here.
  11. How do I help someone transition without fear? Share with them what you have learned from my book. Help them to understand that love never ends and that they will still be with you, just from another point of view. Teach them about the absolutely blissful place they are going to: the beautiful light vibration that words cannot even express, the sounds that are so powerful that you just can’t get enough and the love…that is out of this world. Once you have shared, you must then let them find their own way, and honor that way. Whether they go in fear or they go in love, love is on the other side. That could bring you both some peace.
  12.  I’ve been with different family members when they are very near their time of crossing over and they all spend time looking upward at something. Are they seeing Angels or the light of angels or what? They don’t talk about it, as I’ve asked them what are they looking at and they don’t answer. Yes, they are seeing light beings. It could be Angels, Deceased Loved Ones, Spirit Guides, or a Guardian Angel. Everyone has a different experience so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. The best answer I would say is that they are all connecting to the Spirit world, recognizing it in some form. Sometimes they do speak about it, or reach out to touch it.
  13.  How does a Soul release from this earthly plane? The best way that I can describe what I have felt and seen is it is almost like it is sucked up, like a vacuum. Remember that the Spirit is energy (nonphysical), so there is no form. It’s as if that energy shoots up this light vibrational suction cup or tube of sorts. The tube is complete light… awe inspiring, indescribable, vibrating beams of brilliant light. The light feels to me like absolute love and healing.
  14. When my grandma passed, it was a two day process and during that time she talked about seeing an Angel at the foot of her bed, my grandpa who had gone ten years before her, as well as her siblings that had been gone a long time….are those who went before really there waiting for us? We talk about “I will see you again when my time comes” but is this really true that we do see them again? Yes, it is absolutely true that we see them again. They are there to greet us once we transition and celebrate our birthday (the day of death in this physical world is a day of birth in Spirit world) … our coming back home.
  15. Is there something called in limbo or like a purgatory? Or maybe they have to serve penance for something they did wrong in this life time? It has never been my experience that there is any type of purgatory or place of penance, even for what we would call the worst people. My experience is one of light and love, growth, awareness and expansion. Those that we might assume go to purgatory, receive the same healing energies, love and support in the Spirit world as those that are worshipped as enlightened beings or wise men in the physical world.
  16. Do we die alone?? You do not die alone, even if you are seemingly alone in this physical world. You have your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides right beside you, just like you did during your birth here. They are beside you throughout your entire journey. Once you transition, your loved ones, animals, friends and other light beings are also there with you. So no, you do not die alone.
  17. Is there really an afterlife? Yes, life and love are infinite. The afterlife is your creation. You are a vibrational, energetic being constantly creating and expanding. Yes, the afterlife is real.
  18. Does the version of afterlife we get depend on what we believe? The Spirit world is a mental world. It is based on thought. So, yes, the thoughts you think will create your afterlife experiences. In addition, once there, you learn and grow. Your initial thoughts begin to expand as well, creating new experiences beyond what you believed in the physical world.
  19. Do you meet God? Yes. You are an aspect of God, a thumbprint of the Divine, and so in essence you and God are one and the same. It takes the human mind a bit of time to wrap their heads around this one sometimes. It has been my experience over and over again that we ARE the Divine, the Creator. Like a drop of water in the ocean: Is it a drop of water, or is it the ocean? Each individual drop creates the ocean, just as each individual soul creates the Divine. So, in truth, you have already met, because you are one in the same.
  20. What is heaven? Does it really exist? I believe that Heaven is where we go when we leave our bodies. There are varying degrees of heaven, based on vibration. Therefore, we go to the level that we vibrate to based on our thoughts, words and actions when we were in physical form. Those that were of a high vibration in the physical realm will be in a higher vibration in the Spirit realm. Those that were in a lower vibration in the physical world will be in a lower vibration in the Spirit world as well. So, we will be with beings that are of the same vibrational resonance as we are. Simply said, we will hang with the energies of those that are on the same level of spiritual evolution as we are.
  21. Can humans become Guardian Angels, especially for children? Well, not technically Angels. Humans that have transitioned can become a Guardian or a Spirit Guide for them. They don’t become Angels. Angels are a high vibrational being that doesn’t incarnate into a physical body; and a physical body doesn’t become an Angel. However, all humans already have Guardian Angels that guide and support them throughout their evolution.
  22. Will I remember my life? Yes, you will remember your life, especially immediately. I am told though, that everyone has different experiences and so there is not a one-size-fits-all answer. As you expand and grow, your memory becomes more distant. I can’t say that it isn’t remembered, but more that it isn’t focused upon. It’s kind of like when you practice for a test, and you remember everything, and then the further away you get from the test, the less attention there is on it. Not because it isn’t important, but because you are now focused on something new. You can remember it, when something triggers it, but it isn’t necessarily in your awareness any longer. Remember, we are trying to use human words and explanations for something that is not human, so the words won’t always fit what they are trying to say to us.

If you’d like more info about my little book, which has hundreds of Questions and Answers about the Afterlife, check it out below or grab it on Amazon in book form:
Answers About the Afterlife

12 thoughts on “22 Questions and Answers About the Afterlife!”

  1. Stacy Richardson

    My husband and I are believers of the afterlife. Tom passed away 4 years ago. I am starting to consider that the belief of the afterlife and knowing we will be together again someday is just a consolation gift for the survivor who’s life and heart and very being has been desolated by the loss of a loved one. Maybe this is one of many things I will experience on my grief journey. Very sad and emotional for now.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      The grief journey is different for everyone and it is normal to question everything as you walk it. I would encourage you to listen to your heart and keep his spirit close to you in the ways that feel honoring and true for you.

  2. Hi there,
    I’m writing regards a question about afterlife that I never got an answer for that anywhere.
    I’ve lost love of my life recently, he was not my husband but we were truly in love and we used to call each other soulmates, because of the special relationship we had.
    I’m not sure about exact definition of soulmate as i read varieties of definitions that makes me doubtful about it.
    I’ve read many things about married couples reunion after death and love between them that never ends, however anywhere mentions about lovers reunion afterlife.
    I want to know if I will reunite with him and We will fulfill our dreams afterlife in a better world.
    Please help me understand if my imaginations can be true about afterlife.
    Appreciate your time

    1. Yes, absolutely. In the Spirit World, it is love that connects us…It is not about the titles or papers or legalities and yes in the Spirit world, where there is now freedom, people come back to those that they love.
      I hope that helps my friend;)

      1. Thanks for your response.
        It’s certainly delightful to know about reuniting with loved ones afterlife.

    2. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      Love is love and does not hold the human ties we give it <3 <3 <3 Your hearts are connected beyond the physical world ... Love Never Ends <3 <3 <3

  3. Hi Sonny. my name is Daniel. me and my wife Myrna came to see you for a reading in the year 2010.due to a tragic death of our 14year old daughter Michelle. During that reading I remember you telling me that I had more than one Guardian Angel around me I had told you that I did not understand why? you told me that it was not for me to understand but it was just that way that same year in 2010 I became very depressed and attempted to commit suicide I was rushed to the hospital and on the way to the hospital I had coded according to the emergency technicians and doctors I had been technically dead for roughly four and a half minutes my experience during that four and a half minutes was absolutely incredible!!!! they were able to revive me and bring me back and I remember the very next day the doctor had came in and had told me Daniel you have somebody watching you! come to find out it was not the attempted suicide that which had made me die! but I had actually saved my life by going to the hospital because I had acquired a bilateral blood clot in both of my lungs the doctor had told me that 98% of most people who have bilateral blood clots of their lungs die!! in this case I guess it was my angels that saved me it just wasn’t time!! every since that episode I have always been very perceptive but it seems like things have been turned up several notches or I’m sensing things hearing things sometimes I think that I hear my daughter talking to me and some of the things I hear correlate with what’s happening in that moment am I going insane or is this something that can really happen to a person after having a close death experience yours very truly Daniel Miranda

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      Absolutely my friend.. you are very blessed to have been guided throughout that entire experience. Listen closely as your daughter is obviously surrounding you as well.
      Thank you so much for sharing, That is an amazing story:)

  4. There have been some special moments that happened when family members passed away that I have written down in my personal journals and told others about which included a photo taken of me and my mother and brother at the small chapel, and it shows a figure behind me, the one who passed away. And, when a gift that was given for that person to have for Christmas, but then passed away before that holiday, was returned to me and when I opened the box and plugged in the radio, a song played that was the one that family member requested to have played when buried which we had done. I appreciate all you have written Sunny, and helps us all understand and get through difficult moments. Thank you for this message today as Christmas is almost here with many memories of those who have passed away in the past and recently, too.

  5. Thank you for posting this. I wonder what happens when 1 person transitions at a certain vibration level & then another loved one transitions at a DIFFERENT vibration level… DO they actually share? or are they if different places, so to speak?

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