How would it feel to walk through 2018 knowing that you had an Angel by your side?

Your very own Angelic Guardian, there to support you, encourage you and remind you of what is truly important in life!!!

Well, you do! We all do!

I offered it for the first time last year ... and it was so successful that I decided to offer these Angel for the Year mini-readings again for 2018! We all have a Guardian Angel as well as many other angels that support us along our journey... year in, and year out. In this mini-reading, not only will I give you the name of the Angel for you to call on, connect with and invite in for 2018; but I will give you a description of that particular angel, and some specific ways to connect with your angel as well.

As a psychic medium I have been asked, literally thousands of times, “What is the name of my Guardian Angel” or “What angels do you see around me right now?” This is the very first time that I am offering mini readings, focused solely on this question. 

Why am I offering this? Well, like most things I do, I was guided. I woke up one morning last year and Spirit guided me to offer help to people by reminding them that they aren’t alone. That they can call on their angels to be there to guide, lift and support them. So, this opportunity is me following my Angels guidance.

To be super-clear…

When you purchase an Angel for the Year mini-reading, I will go through a special process of tuning in and connecting with your Angels. Through meditation and intuition, I will discern which of the hundreds of Angels is stepping forward to greet you in 2018

This is a mini-reading... 5 minutes or so recorded via audio or video, based on my availability. It is for you to have the name of the Angel that you can call on everyday… and build a relationship with. It is not to explain, in detail, all the qualities of the Angel. That’s what you will learn throughout your year of connection. This is quick little mini-reading. 

Angel for the Year readings are limited.

I am only offering 33 of these readings... so once they are gone, they are gone!

All you need to do is fill out the information on the order form, and wait for your email or Facebook message with your reading included. Readings will be delivered via email or Facebook Messenger and in the format of an MP3 or MP4.

You will receive your readings within 2 weeks of receiving your order. 

2018 Angel for the Year Readings are $33 

33 spots available 

Here’s what our past recipients are saying:

Wow!!! Absolutely right on!!! Thank you soooo much!!! I've been dealing with a new heartbreak and job transition so there have been a lot of emotions I've been trying clear out and forgive...This is soooo right on!!! Thank you soooo much! It came right at the right time too!!!

~ CB, Minnesota


That. Was. PERFECT. 

Perfect perfect perfect perfect!! ...but of course! You know my heart and just went tapping right on in there. You can't even begin to know how spot-on that was.

My guardian angel's vibrational name begins with an A. And you're right, I haven't listened to her much until lately. But I have deeply felt her all along. (To clarify, I have heard her all along. I just haven't heeded her nudgings.) I will do this now with more and great intention.

~CG, Indiana


Love it - so aligns with what I have been feeling - in so many ways!

~ JH, North Dakota


I had the best present waiting for me this morning from you sweetie. I loved my mini reading!

~ KS, United Arab Emirates


Thank you millions! I absolutely 100% really loved this! I felt a sense of comfort and inspiration immediately! Thank you for doing this among all the other things you do.



Thank you, so much!!!!! I truly appreciate your guidance, I thank you for what you do and I consider you an amazing blessing in my life!



Thank you … this was such a blessing!

~ LD, Massachusetts


This is SO exactly perfect!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

~ PH, Arizona