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Reincarnation – Do you believe?

I do! I believe that our soul exists in the spirit world. It will always be in the spirit world. Our spirit, an aspect or part of our soul, will incarnate into a physical body and experience a particular lifetime. While our spirit is in a physical body, it always remains connected to our soul

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What are you fears around death?

I believe that we are often trained to be fearful by our society at large and are not trained to trust; therefore, fear feels more natural and can be stronger than love. Because death is the ultimate unknown while we are in our physical forms, it brings with it a variety of fearful emotions. No

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Suicide – A personal story

Finding Love in the Midst of Tragedy It was a typical Monday evening in January. My husband Brett and I were relaxing on the couch after a busy weekend of speaking events, discussing my foundation’s annual charity event scheduled for the next day. I was particularly excited that my husband’s best friend Jim and his

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