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I am surrounded by death but experience LOVE!

Death… it is the one journey we will ALL walk. 7.2 billion people on this planet will experience death, whether it’s the death of a loved one, a friend, a pet, or ultimately their own. It is an absolute! As a Psychic Medium I am surrounded by death on a daily basis, whether it is

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I grew up hearing that if you committed suicide, you would go to hell. It never felt true to me! Never! It felt as though if someone ended their life, they would receive even more love to help them to heal the aspects of themselves that were in such pain. The God of my understanding

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Why Do You Do the Work You Do?

I always end every team meeting with this question: Why do you do the work you do? My line of work is so extraordinarily special. Those of us that are counselors, teachers, guides, coaches, healers, etc … the list goes on and on. We “get” the opportunity to make an impact, support real change in

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Recycle * Reduce * Reuse

I was recently at ASU registering my son for college and all over the campus I saw Recycle containers. They were everywhere. I love it when i see recycling being offered. It is heartwarming and environment saving. Several years ago, we started to recycle all of the boxes and packaging that we received from orders.

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