20.Special Guest Interview with Krista Gawronski

Click this link to download this PDF from Krista Gawronski

This PDF, “Letter from the Universe“, starts an inner dialogue about self-love and peace. It reminds us to breathe and get back to the present moment because that is where our power, immunity, and joy live. As we make self-care a priority, everything around us changes for the better. We can shift fear and separation to HEARTISTRY and inclusion. This letter allows us to hold a greater vision for ourselves where health, happiness and harmony flow.

Krista Gawronski is a Spiritual Author, Soul Speaker, & Mind, Body, Medicine Practitioner. She’s written 2 Best Sellers: Soul Purpose & Be Good and is currently working on a 3rd book called Heartistry & Healing. She is the founder of the philanthropic nonprofit, The Fabulous Women of Sonoma County. She and her husband, Paul, operate a sandwich shop in Petaluma, CA. Her greatest love is her two sons, Frank and Vince. She is a contributing author for North Bay Woman’s Magazine and has created a community circle called, “Dare to Shine.” This group meets monthly to have soulful conversations about life, love & spirituality.

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