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2 simple steps to letting go of the past and telling a new story…

Are you ready to embrace your past? IS it time to begin to tell a new story? I know for me, I truly needed to create a new story in order to create a new life. The life I truly wanted to LIVE.
It all happened one day, when I simply got sick and tired of being sick and tired. You know that feeling? I got bored with myself and tired of my old victim story.
I was tired of the Blame,
the Shame
and the Game.
It was old and I was done.
I had to change the way I looked at things by changing my thoughts so that my feelings could change. . that is manifestation.. our thoughts plant the seed, our attention waters them and our feeling bring those thoughts (seeds) into manifestation.
These are the two steps that helped me change my life and create the life I desire:)
The process wasn’t easy, but the steps are. Two simple steps to get you on your way to letting go of the past and help you see it form a different perspective

1.Start with the idea that…

Everything happens for a reason.

Can you feel into that? Do you believe that things are happening in perfect divine timing? I truly do. I know that my life is happening in accordance with the energy and intention that I allow within my vibration and that the Universe is delivering to me EXACTLY what it is that I talk about, feel about, look at and allow in. So, in the past, we did the best we could with what we had and what we knew… and it was exactly where we needed to be. It’s just that simple. So, start here. How does that feel? Can you feel truth in that stateme

2. Now embrace the idea that…

The Universe is always working for you… not against you.

The Universe is working for your highest good. In other words, “things” are happening for you not to you. I know BIG gulp right? But, really… if everything happens for a reason, then things have to be happening for our greater good, right? The way I learned this is by realizing that those people and experiences in my life, the ones i felt so guilty and shitty about. The ones that i obsessed thinking about and fueled my fire… they were just serving the very role I called them into being. I “needed” to have those experiences and learn from those exact people. I know, another big gulp, but it is true.
I also realized that it was important for me to find a way to be ok with it all. That’s when it dawned on me,  I have the support of an entire team of Spiritual Helpers in the form of Angels, Guides and Deceased Loved Ones. They are just waiting for me to direct my energy, in whatever way I desire… and when I do this, I receive their support in miraculous ways I never could have imagined. So, when I asked for their help… and allowed it.. I was able to redirect my energy and my life began to change in amazing ways.
It’s short and sweet my friend. There are many ways to change your life.. and heal your past and all of them have worked for someone. This is my suggestion of where to start…
What do you think? Can it be that simple? I’d love to hear your comments on embracing your past. Please share below – SDJ♥

18 thoughts on “2 simple steps to letting go of the past and telling a new story…”

  1. I’ve realized that I MUST Clear & Let go of the Wreckage in my Past in order to move & evolve in my Future. In doing so, I’ve had to let a lot of Toxic, Poisonous People go as well… I have Forgiven myself, which was the most difficult, in order to focus on Forgiving Others, and also realizing that *their* side of things is MUCH different than my own perception. That has allowed me to feel more Empathy, not only towards others, but also myself. I know I have “Divine Backup” as my Angels & the Archangels (Especially Gabriel) are leading/showing me the way to the specific people I need to interact with. I am so Grateful each day as I begin to feel empathy (to the point where I’m crying) for those I have to Distance/Detach from, but I know it’s all part of the Process. I keep hearing, “Trust the Process”- so that is what I’m doing, in addition to allowing my Intuition guide me.

  2. So very true, which I have learned by reviewing so many journals, letters, and photos while decluttering. Inspirational messages taught me to not be bitter but to work on being the better person and send light out into the world. And, forgiveness has been a great way to move forward and love myself and others more. Great way to start my day!

  3. I find myself sharing these exact statements with others more and more. Not all listen or understand, but they will in their own divine time =)

  4. so what about the new president beautiful one? We’re going backward in time as a people, are we not?
    this amazing submission of your work great hair is so in alignment with that as well…
    or is it not?!
    Everything happens for a reason?? What reason can one justify that hate won the presidency? Why are politics and religion off topic when their reference to all the time? Why as evolved people are we taking steps negatively backwards?
    what do you think amazing sunny Dawn Johnson ?
    only love,
    Yogi Michael Seattle

    1. I chose not to vote .. for I felt neither one represented my vision of the future ..
      but perhaps this one will shake things up .. rather than allow politics to continue as it has always been. Perhaps NOW is the perfect time to shake up the politicians and the people they are supposed to be serving. Perhaps this is a part of the ‘awakening’ … assisting us to more diligently choose the future we desire to create. No president in my 60 years on the planet has significantly changed the way I CHOOSE to live MY life … How my life advances is between me and my Source … and no ‘figure-head’ will ever be able to change that ..
      May you find PEACE in your thoughts … and therefore in your life .. no matter who is president.

    2. You sound pretty angry… and what do I know.. but your words feel like “shit” is happening to YOU and you’re not liking it I’m laughing because this video is SOOOOO appropriate and relevant for you… IF you choose to hang onto your current perspective… I have to ask… so HOW does that serve you? REALLY in good ways or not so good ways… do you feel great or like shit? Your call. I wish you the best… Sunny’s comments may be a big leap for you to accept… sooo?
      It IS all good… look for the good ………….. and you’ll find it…
      Look for the “shit” and you WILL find it….. and so what feels better…… feeling like shit or feeling good. Surely you know the comment Don’t sweat the small stuff… it’s ALL small stuff……. Ultimately are you HAPPY & living the life YOU want.. and if not… getting upset about (whatever… you fill in the blank) is a waste of your power… You can create or stagnate… and NO, I’m certainly not perfect and don’t have my life all together, but I AM very very very aware lately of my thoughts and being a good steward to create a momentum of POSITIVITY. Hang in… I’m NOT criticizing you….. it just appears VERY VERY dominant that you’re questioning & not liking certain things… Hang in buddy.
      WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER>.. I hope you feel better soon …. and watching Sunny IS a good beginning… for ME too ! ! ! : )

    3. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      I honor your perspective Michael, thank you for sharing. I don’t believe we are going backwards. Fear would have us believe that. I choose love… pure and simple.

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