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10 LIFE Lessons learned from Superbowl 51

Superbowl 51

They say that over 111 million people watched the game. 111 MILLION! That’s a lot of people. 
I was one of them as I expect you probably were too. We watch for lots of reasons right? Maybe you…..

  • watch for the commercials
  • are a die hard fan of one of the teams playing
  • just Love Football.
  • watch to hang out with your friends
  • watch for the food
  • bet on the game and wanted to see if you;d make some $$
  • had nothing better to do..

There are lots of reasons we watch football.. more than just what I have listed. I just started watching as passionate fan about 6 years ago. Two of my team members, Kris & Deb moved here from Colorado and turned me onto the game. Before that, I was the commercial watcher. I didn’t understand the game and no one ever took the time to teach me, but once I learned, I was hooked. I am for sure now an enthusiastic fan. I LOVE IT!
As I was thinking about last nights game, I realized that game was an opportunity for us all to learn… regardless of which team you were rooting for, or not.

There are a few things one COULD  learn from this football game, that have NOTHING to do with football… but everything to do with LIFE!

Here are my top 10:

  1. Never give up  – One simple thing can change the course of your life.

  2. Things aren’t always as they seem – Just when you think you have won/lost the tide can turn.

  3. Stay in the game – Just keep getting up, no matter how bleak it looks, get up and start again and again and again.

  4. This too shall pass – Everything passes, the frustrations, the joys… EVERYTHING passes. Enjoy it all.. NOW!

  5. Think outside the box – When you are up or when you are down, think outside of the box.. to keep you up or bring you up!

  6. Things aren’t always fair or understandable – Those same things are happening for you not to you… you just don’t always see or understand how/why at the time. Trust the process.

  7. Right or wrong, good or bad, best or worst are all a matter of perspective – What’s right for one could be wrong for another and vice versa. People see things differently, from their own frame of reference.

  8. Life is a journey, not a destination – Enjoy every single minute of the journey. Don’t miss a single second worrying about what if. Stay present.

  9. Don’t listen to the crowd – They all have an opinion… and THAT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. There are always lovers and haters, stay focused within and KNOW WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOUR GIFTS ARE IN THIS WORLD.

  10. Take time to play – Play hard, play loud, but don’t forget to PLAY!!!!!!


I’d love to hear your comments on these top 10!

Please feel free to share in the comment below.  Here are a few little reminders for you too:)

Create Peace, Love & Light my Friend! – SDJ♥

13 thoughts on “10 LIFE Lessons learned from Superbowl 51”

  1. Loved them all but #9 and #10 best! I came for the commercials and Lady Gaga but stayed for the GAME…….wow……..I was not rooting for anyone……but also felt revived with the hope that anything is possible in this Universe… I couldn’t believe my eyes! Thanks for bringing that lesson in for a Touchdown Sunny! I’m doing the Touchdown dance from the lesson.

  2. Cheralyn Bennett

    These are really wonderful and so inspirational! I’m definitely going to share and keep this to read every day. Thanks so much Sunny! Love, Light and Blessings Always

  3. Love these 10, my #11 is Your Greatness is infectious and inspired others. The last 16 points was scrored by another player and 2 of those 16, resulted without Brady touching the ball. Yet, there is no question who was MVP.

  4. What a game, and I thought of you when it was 21-3 and again when it was 28-28. Love this too ten…saving those ten things just in case I find myself down 21-3 at the half…❤❤

  5. I’m not a sports fan but definitely a fan of your Top 10! The red card above saved me today. Thought you should know. Just 14 more days and I score that touch down!

  6. Love your top 10 Sunny!!
    They perfectly fit my life this week too, it’s a make it or break time for me at a new job….I’m thankful that I understand your message/trust the process, etc…I’m not fixated on the outcome.

  7. Adding to your list:
    No. 11 – When you are up by 8 points with the ball deep in your opponents territory with 4 minutes left in the game, run the clock down and kick the field goal!

  8. Truly love your top ten, Sunny! I recall the very first Super Bowl game that happened when I was a kid. Followed football games as taken to some university games back home with my parents, and sitting on a cold bench as it snowed down upon us one game. Seeing the Super Bowl in Tempe back in the nineties out here was so much warmer. Wearing that old football sweatshirt with the Super Bowl logo and cowboy hat an cowboy boots on it was a fun memory the other day. Getting together with friends and everyone sharing food and laughing over some of the commercials is such a fun time. And, to also be inspired about all the courageous efforts is a good moment to share with the kids. The game of life is meant to be played! And, yes, pass good things along to others! And, let them run with it to win their game!

  9. Sunny love these! I have been a diehard Patriot fan since I was 10 years old (42 years). I was so upset in the third quarter when the score was 28-3 I turned off the TV. I actually cried because I wanted that 5th win so bad. I couldn’t sleep so I went to the gym. Imagine my surprise when I walked in and saw them tie the game with a minute to play and then win it in overtime. I am humbled and hopefully will think of this game whenever life is frustrating me in the future ❤️ Thank You!

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