A Network Of Individuals – Growing, Sharing and Healing the Hearts of Humanity TogetherVision:

To assist the children of the world, regardless of calendar age, to heal themselves, their families and their world. The Sunlight Alliance Foundation brings hope and support to people in the Arizona community who are battling diseases either emotionally, mentally or physically or those who have been burdened with catastrophic circumstances in their lives and thus cannot cope alone in day to day living.

Mission: Sunlight Alliance Foundation will actively work with individuals and families to provide spiritual, emotional and financial support during the growth opportunities presented by life’s challenges.
 Sunlight Alliance Foundation will live, teach and manifest the following core values:

  • We will assist individuals and families in their time of need.
  • We will provide more than just a “hand out”.
  • We will help individuals and families to find their true path and assist them as they move along that path to a brighter and happier future.
  • Our support will assist individuals and families in their physical, mental and spiritual needs.
  • We will respect the individual’s rights to grow and develop as they feel called and we will affirm their life fulfilling ideals and actions.
  • We will always remember that each person is unique and that each situation requires innovative and creative assistance in times of need.
  • We will always be mindful that the challenges of the individual affect all of us, most importantly, the family closest to the individual.

Founded in 2007, as a natural outgrowth of the charitable work done by members of Sunlight Alliance LLC, Sunlight Alliance Foundation (SLAF) seeks to provide meaningful and significant assistance and support to the children of the world, regardless of their calendar age, and the people in their extended family. The SLAF works with individuals and families in their time of crisis, providing assistance for physical, mental, financial and spiritual needs. However, the Foundation strongly believes in creating opportunities for success, rather than merely distributing emergency financial assistance. As a result, the Foundation’s focus is on empowering individuals, supporting their life choices as they move forward, and celebrating their successful developmental progress.

Many of the individuals that volunteer their time, energy and resources for the SLAF were once recipients of the assistance of Sunlight Alliance Foundation. These wonderful volunteers bring a unique perspective to the challenges of today’s society. They are committed to giving back to the community the goodness that has come to them, as they have moved forward in life. These volunteers assist individuals in all areas of life and actively work to provide critical intervention assistance. While many of the volunteers have received training and certification in numerous areas, the core quality of all volunteers is a deep respect for the development of individuals. They work to acclaim the right life directions of those in need, while maintaining a non judgmental, non sectarian approach to resolving life’s crises.

Sunlight Alliance Foundation is the charitable arm of Sunlight Alliance LLC. The Foundation will help support people and families in need by proving financial assistance, support and love in their time of need. The Foundation’s core value is providing assistance without providing “hand outs”. In this way, the Foundation continues to stress self development and self reliance while providing the transitional assistance that individuals and families need to grow and develop. If you know someone who might benefit from our SLAF services, please contact us.

To donate money to the Sunlight Alliance Foundation you can do so in three ways.

1. Via the internet, through paypal

2. call with a credit card – 602-375-6788

Upon receipt of your donation of $1 or more, IF REQUESTED, you will receive a form to turn in with your taxes stating that they were donated to a non profit organization.