Kris Voelker


Kris Voelker – Sunlight Web Goddess and Sunny’s Musician

To contact Kris by email: [email protected]

Kris is a soul musician whose music opens the Spirit to new awareness’s. She believes there is a great need for music that supports higher consciousness and personal empowerment. Kris’ music creates a space that allows you to open up to your greatest potential and to dream the dreams of your inner self. It is filled with hope and inspiration and her lyrics and melodies linger with you long after the performance has ended.

Kris and Sunny met while attending Sonia Choquette’s first six sensory training. And as divine timing would have it, the only conversation they had during the entire 4 day training was an exchange of “business card information.” A couple of months later, Kris approached Sunny about re-doing her website and well, the rest is history. If you happen to take any of Sunny’s workshops and Kris is there… ask them the story of how they met. It’s quite divine!

Since that time, Kris has worked with Sunny in workshops and lectures. She writes and performs all of her own material. Often the song content is born out of the day to day experiences the team members of Sunlight Alliance share. And recently, Kris and her partner Deb moved to Glendale, Arizona from her beloved “Rocky Mountains” in Longmont, Colorado to continue working directly with Sunny, Amy and Robin. It’s a match made in heaven, and she is blessed to be a part of it. For more information, visit

Albums Available at the Sunlight Alliance Healing Center