Detox Your Life Online Course

Well-Being for the WHOLE Self!

Do you have areas in your life that you need to detox from, release, or let go of?

  • “Do you need to detach from negative people and negative environments?”
  • “Do you need to eliminate the junk food?”
  • “Do you need to disconnect from the drama?”
  • “Are you tired of just going through the motions?”

Do you need to detox from?

Technology overload
Stuffed emotions

Are you addicted to?

Junk food
Drugs or Alcohol
Toxic People

Does your head get stuck in?

Money fears
All work & no play

Is your Spirit crying out for?

More Exercise
Less TV
Increased Joy
Decreased Stress
Positive Affirmations

Detox = “A process or period of time in which one abstains or rids the body (mind or spirit) of toxic or unhealthy substances.”

Are you ready to commit fully to the alignment of your Mind, Body and Spirit?

Is something within you is saying, “It is time to DO IT”?!

Are you ready to commit fully to the alignment of your Mind, Body and Spirit? Is something within you is saying, “It is time to DO IT”?! Detox Your Life – A 44-Day Mind, Body, Spirit Detox is like no other self-care program you’ll find. During this journey into self-love and healing, you are encouraged to dig deep within, exploring lifestyle and emotional patterns both past and present that may need some extra attention and care. Once you acknowledge and understand these aspects, you are encouraged to do the inner work by journaling on specific questions designed to call you into a deeper knowing of yourself.

This program offers you the opportunity to delve into areas oftentimes missed in a traditional healing journey. These shadow areas are often the core of many issues – disguised as “little” challenges. Uncovering these creates the mind, body, spirit healing that many yearn for. This is a self-study program – yet designed with built-in support and accountability partners with access to a private Facebook group. If you are ready to make the changes your Mind, Body and Spirit desire, this is the program for you.

This 44-Day Detox Program is perfect for anyone ready to make positive changes and experience healing of mind, body and spirit. It covers a different topic each day, allowing you to reflect upon and heal every area of your life, one day at a time. It gives you a variety of ways to shift your awareness each day.

32During this journey into self-love and healing, you are encouraged to delve deep within, exploring lifestyle and emotional patterns – both past and present – that may need some extra attention and care.

Once you acknowledge and understand these aspects, you are encouraged to do the inner work by journaling on specific questions designed to call you into a deeper knowing… and healing of yourself.

Each day’s lesson contains each of the items listed below:

  • I Let Go Of – Detox topic of the day.
  • Pivot – Description of how to see the challenge or issue from a different perspective.
  • Affirmation – Statement to speak, write and focus on to help you channel your energy and attention in a new and healthy way.
  • Action – An action/step you can take today to change your behavior or pattern.
  • Personal experience – A story that creates a scenario or possibility for how this Detox topic might manifest in your life. (These stories have been shared with me by a variety of people and are based on their personal experiences. A REAL-LIFE experience to relate to.)
  • Journal questions – Questions to ponder, offering suggestions for how this topic may direct you to a deeper awareness into your Mind, Body & Spirit.

Plus, you get daily video, audio, images, mp3’s and pdf’s!

32-journalEach day’s lesson will also combine the following supplementary support materials to help you to process and integrate your awareness around that particular Detox topic of the day:

  • Summary image of the Detox Challenge of the Day (some participants have saved this picture each day as the background image onto their computer as a support reminder)
  • Direct links to the Detox Facebook group and community support
  • Original affirmation image (again, image can be saved to your PC as a ‘Fill Yourself Up’ reminder)
  • At least one, often two, audio clips recorded from the original, live facilitated group Detox your Life online program
  • Brand new video clips interspersed throughout the program to feature additional Sunny teachings on the most universally common Daily Challenge topics
  • All new Bonus Support Materials never before available within the online Program
  • Printable PDF summary of each day’s Detox Topic
  • Printable PDF of a full sheet of that day’s affirmation images to cut out and place anywhere you need extra reminders and support to pivot into your new pattern
  • 3-5 personal experiences of previous participants who have completed the Detox your Life Program to offer insights and perspectives from others who have walked this same journey … reprinted exactly how they experienced these topics each day of the program
  • Supplemental Meditation MP3s or songs by Kris Voelker, or downloadable PDFs that are specific to that Detox Day’s lesson, along with any Detox your Life product discount coupons that were offered during the live, facilitated program, are re-introduced at the appropriate times in the 44 days of this Detox Your Life Online Course.

Just a reminder!

There are 44 consecutive days in this Detox program.

On certain days the Detox topic may not be an “issue” for you. I’d ask that you still walk through the full daily Detox process for each lesson – not because we need to find things wrong – but because sometimes, in really looking within, we discover new awareness and insights about ourselves and our actions.

For example: As our team was discussing the Detox back in the early creation days, we were talking about clutter. One team member struggles with clutter, while the rest of us don’t. However, as we talked about it, one of us that does not have physical clutter could recognize that at times they instead have a lot of clutter in their mind – so they could apply the Detox process to mind clutter, instead of physical clutter. I personally don’t have a lot of clutter and tend to be organized. However, on that particular day, I went into my shed to get the holiday decorations out, and that space is cluttered. So, maybe it is just in one area, or in one aspect of your life, that the topic may apply. Therefore, there could be benefit in still working the process, even if you feel like it is not your issue. You may just discover something you weren’t even conscious of. All you need is a willingness to be open to learn more about who you are, and why you do what you do.

I want to reaffirm – this program is NOT to find something wrong with every aspect of your life. If you don’t have an issue with something YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! That is great. I am just asking you to walk through the process to see how it feels, what awareness comes up, and maybe it’ll expand you even more in your own connection with yourself and others.

The great thing is you get to take as much time as you need. This course is available to you for one full year. That way, you can do the initial 44 days, take time in between if guided, spread it out if necessary, or do it again a few months later when you need a reboot. You are in control of your Detox. Isn’t that great?

“I would totally recommend this Detox to anyone. I think it has been the best tool to bring up what needs to get out that I have encountered so far! What a great way to release and move away from the old.” Candi Lanam


“Yes. It is life-changing and your soul will thank you. I was taught to love myself and take care of myself. I always thought I was, but I am meaner to myself than I ever would be to someone else. I am now much kinder towards me. This program broke the ground for me to lay a new foundation.” – Sue Offermann


“Absolutely. I would tell them that this Detox is an extremely helpful tool to releasing triggers that no longer serve you & are able to feel lighter & healthier after working with this program. Sunny & her team make you feel safe & supported to move through your shit.” – Tara Jack


“Yes, absolutely! I have already. I would just tell them that I have been doing this Detox Your Life in 44-days program, where I got an email every day with a new topic, and that I feel like a new person. And this was after like the 4th day. I told them it was free, which I am very grateful for because I wouldn’t have had the money to pay for it; so I am very glad I happened to come across it by accident on the Facebook events. I told them it truly is remarkable.” – Tonya Whitelock


“I would say that drinking that green juice is easy; but if you want incredible results, that this Detox is the journey you want to be on, because it touches every part of your life and you get better and more when it’s completed.” – Vicki Martinelli


“I have done other Detox Programs, this one was the most thorough for me. If you work it, and do what Sunny suggests, a lot of purging happens! I do feel lighter and more complete from the inside out. I would recommend everyone to try it; you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain! For me Sunny, is the best teacher. She puts things out there in common language for everyone to understand – even if you don’t want to hear it, but need to. The Periscope and Live Facebook videos helped tremendously. I looked forward to them on a daily basis. At the end of the 44 days, I felt sad that it had come to an end. The Detox group on Facebook has helped me so much, just to know that I am not alone with purging; and other’s ideas and comments pulled me back up from the boot straps. The encouragement from this Detox Program kept me going and wanting more!” – Connie Lees


“I would absolutely recommend it! In fact, I’m still trying to wrap around how I will move forward now that the program is over. I feel like there is some positive momentum that this has established in my life that I want to maintain. If I was describing it to a friend – which I have to several – I would say that this is an opportunity to look at different factors in your life and to determine whether or not they are having a positive impact, or a negative impact … and then to either shift that energy, or maximize that positive energy that already exists.” – Dana Helvie


“Yes – I would tell them it was an excellent investment to make in themselves.” Darcy Bluhm

“Thank you for putting this all together. It has been quite the journey. I have printed every single Detox and have it in a three-ring binder so I can easily go back, reflect and revisit each topic. There are some I have integrated into my daily life & I hope to integrate more. I appreciate all you and your staff have done to put this together! All of love’s blessings to each and every one of you that have done this detox!”

“This Detox has brought me to and through so much! It has been extremely helpful and I am totally grateful for you Sunny Dawn Johnston and your team of wonderful people. Through this Detox I, have learned how to maintain my energy around toxic people, I am speaking my truth to my husband with no response back from him, I have learned how to truly love myself (well not completely there yet, but I am faking it until I make it!!), I said no to a job that didn’t thrill me in the first place (even after I put some time into and was doing it for someone else other than the money part, I was able to realize this and kindly turn it down). I have also learned how to say no to my grown kids, I am still decluttering my physical life along with my emotional life, I let go of a lot of stuff – the biggest through this detox was cigarettes. I am amazed at how I now feel not having them in my life anymore. It’s like the fear is leaving also. I have stepped up and signed up to speak at a women’s wellness day. It really has helped me so much and I will be going through it all again. The more the better!!! Thank you to all of the beautiful people here!! I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!”

“I can’t even begin to tell you how helpful this Detox program was. It brought back a lot of old that I believed in and haven’t practiced in a while. You know that you know what you know, but sometimes you have to just hear it again!! I really pray that you do this again, as some days I didn’t get to do it. For the days I did, it made such a difference in my life. Watching you on Periscope was the most helpful part of all of this. I loved it! It made me feel so good every night and gave me so much food for thought when I went to bed. Please, if I missed any post that you were doing this again let me know because I’m In. Thank you!! I adore you and have for many years. I love being part of this Detox. You are such an awesome mentor Sunny and you helped me change my life over the last 13 years. I don’t even think you realize how much.”

“It was an honor to take part in such a special event Sunny Dawn Johnston! Many blessings to you!! This experience was such a wonderfully insightful, transforming and a great lesson in awareness of our choices! I wrote every one of them down on my mission/vision wall for 2016. 1/3 of the way through I got the worst lung infection/virus for 3 weeks, so I didn’t finish it all yet … but I WILL!!! I’m sure that experience had a purpose as well … so many great lessons.”

“Thank you so much Sunny and friends! I have so much to work on and have focused hard on weeks one and two. When I get where I’m good, I will tackle week three and so on. This Detox is absolutely amazing and has already changed so much for me and how I interact with others, talk to myself, care for myself and handle life’s obstacles as they come. The tools are invaluable. Proud of everyone here … we all made a choice to be here and that is powerful in itself. Can’t wait to see what the rest unfolds for me!”

It is very important to remember that you will get out of this what you put into it!

A program like this is all about YOU!!! It’s about YOUR willingness to love yourself enough to stay committed and consistent to a process. It may be uncomfortable at times, it may be frustrating, you may feel vulnerable, out-of-control and overwhelmed. You may be scared, angry, or afraid with some of the questions … and your answers too. I hope you do. Why? Because if this Detox brings those things up, it just shows us that it is living within you every day … wreaking havoc in your life … likely just under the radar sometimes, and a full blown tornado at other times. If we can begin to look at those feelings, feel them, honor them, and acknowledge them – we can begin to truly release them once and for all. We can then have a place to recreate from; and a place to fill up with love, light, peace and hope. All of this takes some attention – and sometimes some hard work, some real looking within, and some expression. Again, you will get out of this program an equal amount of energy to that which you put into it.

So much of the pain in our lives is based on beliefs and behaviors we have carried around since we were children … some of which no longer serve us in healthy ways. It doesn’t mean we want to blame our parents, teachers or influential people in our lives. NO! However, we do want to take our power back from those learned beliefs that may be outdated, not true, serve no purpose in our lives, or are not in alignment with who we are today. We do get to choose our thoughts, behaviors, and actions – as the beings that we are NOW. Not yesterday, not when we were 15 or 4 … NOW!!!!!!!! We can honor where we have been, and create from a new and loving energy in this moment.

Are you ready? Let’s Start! Join now. I sure hope to see you there – SDJ

So … Are You Ready?

I look forward to connecting, healing and creating a fantabulous and healthy year – Mind, Body & Spirit!